Troupe7 Consultants Pvt. Ltd had designed modular courses for such Non Marine entrants to abreast themselves
with the basics of ships structure and containers and survey techniques associated with them.

We offer modular courses which could be taken up as an individual module or as a comprehensive course for the
following modules:
  • Basic Naval Architecture
  • Shipbuilding Basics
  • Draft Surveys**
  • Ullage Surveys**
  • Ultra Sonic Testing of Hatch Covers**
  • Hold and Hatch Inspections
  • Tank Inspections
  • Confined Space Entry Procedures and Precautions - Guide to Marine Surveyors
  • Container Basics and Inspections
  • Container Stuffing - Do and Don'ts - Guide to Marine Surveyors

** (Supervised post training practical experience and assignments required before issue of Certificates)